About Grace Century

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Based in Ras Al Khaimah, just north of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Grace Century FZ LLC is an international market research and private equity organization. We have world-class infrastructure and excellent global connectivity. We represent a network of more than 500 venture capitalists and angel investors for many of the world’s different markets.

Every year, we vet hundreds of investment projects to identify the truly innovative opportunities for private equity consideration. We work exclusively with projects that are either new technologies or, can significantly improve the fulfillment of an existing need. Many of our projects improve the quality of life for people all over the world.

Once we believe in a project and see its potential, we then ensure that our members can access these growth projects at a very early stage of their development. We work tirelessly to ensure due diligence is conducted thoroughly and this, coupled with our experience, network and knowledge ensure that we only present projects with the highest potential to our network.

What We Do?

Grace Century always keeps its fingers on the pulse of a wide range of industry sectors. We constantly monitor these for major technological, legal or demographic changes. Over the last 25 years we have carefully created a well-established network of strategic alliances all over the world including hedge funds, venture capitalists, universities and excellent entrepreneurs. These robust global partnerships are constantly brining the highest quality projects to us for consideration.

Once a project has been confirmed as an industry game changer, Grace Century conducts extensive due diligence. Only once this is completed are the successful projects presented to our base of accredited angel investors and venture capitalists. If they decide the project is worth investement, Grace Century assists the project with marketing and financial consultancy in order to increase the probability of its ultimate success.